Music & Taylor Swift

Music is an art. It is shared to the world in the form of songs. The music industry is among those that continue to boom in today’s world. The music styles differ in the different generations, yet even at it, music and the love for it never dies. Music, as they say, is an aspect of language wherein even though what language is used, it still could portray the emotion of the song. The story of music has started from way back the ancient times. Technology and modernization just did their part in improving the quality of the music that has been made as time went by.

In today’s industry one of the most famous singers is Taylor Swift. Her music has captured the heart of the people, most especially the teenagers. She is well known for her talent, looks, and personality. Aside from being a singer, she is also a song writer and an actress.

taylor swiftAll About Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift was fourteen years of age when she moved to Tennessee to pursue a career in country music. She then signed a contract with an independent label and became the youngest song writer ever hired. In the year 2006, she released her self-titled debut album, which in turn established her career as a country music star. She has fulfilled her dream.

She is a seven-time GRAMMY winner, and the youngest recipient in the history of the music industry’s highest honor, the GRAMMY award for Album of the Year. As of the moment, Taylor Swift continues to develop her talent and the songs she writes. The common theme of her songs is about love, life, family, friends, and the different relationships that revolve around a person. She has been known for writing songs that talk about her personal experiences. This may be one of the reasons why people love her as well. They can relate to the songs she writes and sings.

taylor's contributionsTaylor’s Contributions
Being as famous as she is, Taylor Swift remains to be humbled by her success. She has large scale charitable institutions that she donates to. Charities she donate to are as follows: ACM Lifting Lives, Children in Need, Clothes Off Our Back, Feeding America, GRAMMY Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, MusiCares, UNICEF, Red Cross and many other charities and foundations. She has teamed up with the governor of Tennessee to combat internet sex crimes. The total number of charities and foundations Taylor Swift has supported has already reached twenty-six, and causes that she supports have reached twenty-eight already.

But even being so famous in the industry, she does not forget the people who continually support her and help her succeed. Aside from her family, she is very much thankful and grateful to her fans. She takes time to post notes on the Instagram photos of her fans, give out genuine hugs. With this, Taylor Swift has proven that even with success, a person can still be who she was back then before everything else sparkled for them.

3kStatic EP Climbs Charts

Released August 2012, the current EP Strange Material is currently charting #1 (Downtempo); #3 (Leftfield) and #7 (Electronic/Overall) on the eMusic sales charts. The four-track EP features the track ‘Stars Like Jewels’, which itself charted Top 30 on the Canada National (House) Charts, as compiled by Cashbox Magazine and

dPulse Release in US House Top 5

Taken from the 3kStatic EP ‘Strange Material’, the single ‘Stars Like Jewels’ climbs to #5 this week on the USA House Chart, as compiled by tastemaking DJ promo service zipDJ.

The single and EP are available everywhere, with the EP previously charting #2 at eMusic, etc.

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